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Rotork RCE electro-hydraulic actuators
Rotork RCE electro-hydraulic actuators

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Rotork electro-hydraulic actuators provide critical safety function in Malaysian rail network infrastructure enhancement

More than 50 Rotork electro-hydraulic RCE actuators have been installed for an ongoing enhancement to the Malaysian rail network infrastructure.

The Klang Valley Integrated Transit System serves the areas of Klang Valley and Greater Kuala Lumpur. There are two commuter rail lines within the metropolitan area, five subway lines, one busway line and, finally, two airport lines which connect to Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport. The Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit project will see the addition of three new subway lines integrated into this network.

The project is part of the Malaysian Government’s Economic Transformation Programme and is expected to take two to four more years to complete. The RCE-240, 250, 260-SRM actuators have been installed on fire dampers throughout the rail network. These are not visible to commuters, but control vents up to four or five metres wide which open in the event of a fire to prevent smoke from filling the tunnels and posing a threat to the lives of those inside. They are also used for air ventilation, ensuring that cool air reaches those who are underground to ensure that temperatures do not get too high and that there is a safe circulation of oxygen. Their use ensures the level of air pollutants do not reach dangerous levels in an underground environment where air movement is naturally limited. This is especially necessary in ensuring underground railways are safe in a time where Covid-19 is still so prevalent.

Rotork electro-hydraulic RCE range of actuators have a torque range of 50 to 5,000 Nm (442 to 44,248 and are ideal for on/off and positioning, producing high output torques in relation to size. They are manufactured using high quality corrosion resistant materials for a long working life and optimum corrosion resistance. These features are essential in this application as corrosion in the fire damper system could present a risk to the safety of all who use the rail network. The long-life cycle of the actuators ensures that the dampers will reliably open/close on the spot when required, in emergency situations such as fire, explosions and instances of smoke, for many years to come.




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Sarah Kellett

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