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RC200 pneumatic actuator and YT-3700 smart positioner
RC200 pneumatic actuator and YT-3700 smart positioner

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Green battery factory in Sweden supported by Rotork actuators

Rotork products, including pneumatic actuators and digital smart positioners, have been ordered by an innovative Swedish battery manufacturer. Northvolt specialise in the production of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and have working collaborations with new technical battery programmes at Luleå University of Technology in north Sweden. Northvolt are working to create the “world’s greenest battery” and Rotork’s products will play a key role in their development.

Northvolt Ett is a factory in Skellefteå, northern Sweden, that is due to begin production in 2022. It will be Northvolt’s primary site for manufacturing, cell assembly and recycling. It will be powered entirely by clean energy, as part of their overall commitment to sustainability. Precise control of the processes involved is key. Rotork have currently provided 1250 valve actuators (RC200) to Northvolt Ett, working alongside valve supplier Onninen. It is anticipated that the total number of actuators supplied will top 1,400. The actuators will be operating valves on the battery production line. RC200 units are compact pneumatic actuators. They are available in both double-acting and spring-return configurations (both have been ordered for the Northvolt project), providing high start and end torque output.

Additionally, 50 of Rotork’s YT-3700 digital smart positioners have been ordered for the water and heating systems of the state-of-the-art building.

Northvolt chose Rotork’s RC200 actuators in part because they are manufactured at Rotork’s site in Sweden (easy access to spares and service was considered desirable). A reputation of quality, specialised solutions and fast delivery to the Northvolt factory were also relevant factors in the choice of RC200s. Northvolt needed fast control and fail-safe capability, both which actuators within the RC200 range can supply.




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Sarah Kellett

Press contact Group Marketing Communications Manager +44 1225 733200

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