Rotork electric modular actuators controlling rainwater storage after construction of new road in Polish city

Press releases   •   Jun 29, 2020 15:42 BST

Rotork multi-turn electric actuators have been installed to control rainwater retention along a new road which has been built in Poland.

Rotork pneumatic actuators installed on Canadian well pads

Press releases   •   Jun 19, 2020 15:11 BST

Over 80 Rotork CP, GP and RC200 pneumatic actuators have been installed on well pads in Alberta, Canada where they will be part of an in situ steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) oil sand extraction project.

Anglian Water returns to Rotork after signing new framework agreement

Press releases   •   Jun 18, 2020 11:05 BST

Rotork is pleased to announce the award of a new framework agreement for the supply of its products and services to Anglian Water, who supply water and water recycling services to more than six million customers in the east of England and Hartlepool.

Rotork launches Lifetime Management services

Press releases   •   Jun 03, 2020 14:15 BST

The new Lifetime Management service changes the way that Rotork Site Services (RSS) operates, with a stronger focus on ensuring the most appropriate response based on the criticality of the customer’s application.

Rotork process control actuators added to Australian LNG project

Press releases   •   May 28, 2020 15:01 BST

More than 270 Rotork process control actuators have been ordered for an LNG project in Australia.

The customers purchased the quarter-turn CVQ electric actuators which will operate ball and v-ball valves on separator skids to control the water extraction process at an onshore natural gas production site in the Surat Basin. The ball valves will be used to shut off the gas and the v-ball valves will carry out flow control by controlling pressure build up during well operation.

The basin, located in SW Queensland, is used by Shell’s QGC business to develop natural gas for domestic and international markets through the project. Here, natural gas is extracted from wells drilled into coal seams in the Surat Basin before it is transported to a collection point for the removal of water and condensates.

The highly accurate and responsive CVQ units offer resolution figures of 0.1 per cent and have the ability to eliminate position overshoot, helping reduce production costs and increase efficiency. The actuators, which are powered by 24 VDC and controlled by HART protocol for the project, also hold IEC Ex certification – the only acceptable hazardous area standard in Australia – while they are also double-sealed to IP68 (20 m for 10 days).

Rotork’s CVA range of actuators, which includes both the CVQ and CVL linear variant, are suitable for almost all part-turn and linear control valve applications. Providing continuous unrestricted modulation duty, the actuators feature an on-board datalogger as standard and configurable fail-to-position option using supercapacitor technology. Speed control can be adjusted while accurate and repeatable position control can be carried out using a 4-20 mA signal.

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More than 270 Rotork process control actuators have been ordered for an LNG project in Australia.

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K-TORK pneumatic actuators used in biggest planned ultrafiltration retrofit in US history

Press releases   •   May 21, 2020 13:25 BST

Over 300 Rotork K-TORK pneumatic vane actuators have been installed at one of Florida’s largest low-pressure ultrafiltration (UF) membrane plants.

Hundreds of Rotork actuators to be used on southern Indian pipeline

Press releases   •   May 15, 2020 14:25 BST

More than 300 Rotork actuators have been specified for use on an Indian pipeline almost 700 km in length.

Rotork electric actuators installed to upgrade Chicago water purification plant

Press releases   •   May 01, 2020 14:33 BST

Hundreds of Rotork multi-turn and part-turn IQ electric actuators and gearboxes have been installed as part of a US water filtration plant upgrade.

New enhanced digital smart positioner available from Rotork

Press releases   •   Apr 22, 2020 15:06 BST

Suitable for all markets, the new digital smart positioner is appropriate for both control and on/off valve applications where enhanced diagnostics are required. It is ideal for highly critical applications in chemical/petrochemical processes.

Rotork provides bespoke solution for London’s Carpenter’s Lock Restoration project

Press releases   •   Apr 17, 2020 14:40 BST

The Carpenter’s Road Lock in Newham, London consists of the only double radial lock gates in the United Kingdom. Rotork’s IQ intelligent actuators with MTW multi-turn worm gearboxes play a critical role which enables this lock to operate.

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